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Thread: Will trade Shining Force CD, cash, and perhaps other items for help fixing a rare CRT

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    Alex Kidd Will trade Shining Force CD, cash, and perhaps other items for help fixing a rare CRT


    So, I own a 32" HD CRT TV that has VGA and composite input... I'm sure you'll understand why I want to save this thing. I really don't have any electrical skills, but I have money and some stuff I'm happy to trade for help, like this copy of Shining Force CD!: https://imgur.com/a/tbE2k9T . Here are some images of the TV: https://imgur.com/a/5RA3a2r

    Anyway, I found the TV semi recently, seemed to work fine, now it won't turn on. I live in Flagstaff Arizona (northern Arizona), so if you live in the area I'd be happy to for your pay travel expenses and for the parts and for the labor... all that good stuff!

    Thank you

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    There's a few things that could probably be an issues. Can you describe anything more on the television?

    Are you getting any sound when you turn it on like a buzzing noise?

    Is it just deadpan not coming on at all or?

    This is an older TV so troubleshooting it here might be rough without a little more information. I can think of a few things of why it might not be working.

    July 2001 so this unit is around 20 years old when it was made. From the sound of that it could either maybe be a power issue or maybe it needs some maintenance work done.

    Edit: Did some digging in your area.


    Not sure if they'll work on TVs but they deal in vintage hardware so calling them you might be able to get a lead on maybe someone who can come over to see you and maybe figure out what's up with your TV. Hope this helps.
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    Prescott (Phoenix area) Arizona is quite a ways away from Flagstaff.

    My old Sony 32KV-HS420 had the voltage regulator go out on it and I took it to a place called KO electronics to fix it, over a decade ago. That regulator has died again, but luckily I have another set that is in much better condition. I could just buy another voltage regulator chip to replace the faulty unit, but I'm also considering just setting it on the curb, since it's taking up a lot of space in the corner of the spare bedroom.
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