I highly doubt that most people in the USA used floppies on their C64 to a tape cassette. I never knew anyone with an Apple II or even saw it in the shops, but at a guess, I would imagine the Pal version would be using Floppies and you act like the Atari ST or Amiga never came out, I believe they sold much better in Europe than the USA, so Europe was hardly against floppies, that's again to overlook over 8 Bit microcomputers also had Floppy and Rom Add-Ons

And you can use data how it suites too. It took the Tape cassette in the late '80s to outsell vinyl did it not? and I would simply put to you that many were playing music on cassette in the '80s, no matter what data showed, but not doubt you'll say you the USA was all Vinyl and you had a vinyl player in your car too. I thought it was the mid-1990's when CD players outsold Cassette tape decks.