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Thread: Rings of Power's unsung quality

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    Default Rings of Power's unsung quality

    Many people stumble on Rings of Power through Naughty Dog's fame; many other, while legitimately interested in the MegaDrive library, still don't get to experience the awesomeness of this game due to its undeniable clunkiness and low FPS.

    I have made a video which will convey how good of an open world game it is, and just about a humorous videogame overall. It also briefly talks about EA vs Sega and Naughty Dog's involvement.

    While this post is a shameless plug, I would like to hear if there's anybody that actually played through the game and whether they share the same feelings.
    Also the spells are amazing.

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    Yes. I played through the whole game 20 years ago and I abolutely loved it. For me it is definately one of the best titles on the console.

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