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Thread: Sasha Darko Vs Fonzie the Reason why Watermelon no longer Publish third party games?!

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    Kiwi Sasha Darko Vs Fonzie the Reason why Watermelon no longer Publish third party games?!

    Some of you may be aware of the Story of Sasha Darko's Sacred Line just part of a series of the Dark survival based Horror games influenced id like to think in the style of Dante's Inferno and the call of Cthulhu, if you have time check out his games which were available through Steam and his own website. From way back in early 2014 watermelon published a greatly watered-down text based version of the game, Which if successful would have been part of a trilogy planed for the system. Using Buzz words that we all love hearing like pre-rendered graphics. Consequently the game failed to impress scoring low reviews in a year which saw many homebrew Games being released. Gauging from that this was a limited Edition run of the game which was a sell-out of around just 300 Copy's of the game (just to be clear that's cartridges regardless of the Bits edition) acknowledging 300 is not huge number but by the fact that it did sell out so quickly could there of been a sequel on the cards?.

    Troubled Waters
    a private feud became public knowledge when during an interview back in 2015 Sasha Darko accused watermelon of swindling him of money by Simply producing more games than were declared and selling them keeping 100% of the profit. in all honesty I don't know how you go about proving this unless each copy is numbered and through some Twist of Fate two copies with the same Edition number meet Under a Blood Red moon on the 7th Sabbath day.

    People that remember the not so Magical Game Factory forum Fonzie was often criticised Daily for not making any contact, So when Fonzie typed a response to Sasha Darko's claim. for me this was actually quite a memorable event as prior to this the only other comment I'd seen Fonzie make was a rather sarcastic comment which emerged saying and I quote "would you rather me spend time commenting on here or spend that time Finishing the Game" seemingly doing neither for 5-years! lol

    Fonzie's response to the comment's made by Sasha Darko's Clams to the forum was that obviously Watermelon would never scam one of its clients and was actually quite hurt to be accused of doing so.
    once again the subject came to light recently in a telephone interview with St1ka, during this Fonzie replied with some name-calling but most interestingly stated that he himself for free gave away multiple copies of the games to Sasha Darko. which as far as I can see is confirmed as Sasha Darko's Website still has them placed up for sell in~excess of $200 Each! Previous price from watermelon Games $49.99

    So in conclusion do you think it's a shame that Fonzie now will no longer support publishing third party games or a Blessing?
    and did you enjoy Sasha Darko's text based horror game and want to see more similar games? {maybe with better visuals shush}
    Hope you enjoyed reading this my 1st be Kind
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    I dunno what happened but apparently Fonzie addressed it in that other live-interview on youtube in French, as well.
    Either way the character of Sasha Darko obviously owns hardcore and if he had made more games I'd play those too.

    I have a bits edition from back then of Sacred Line Genesis and it has more swear words in it than the entire console catalog.
    Other than that it's a novel concept (on the md) and it sets a mood: I'm all for that.
    I liked it.

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    So in conclusion do you think it's a shame that Fonzie now will no longer support publishing third party games or a Blessing?
    Huh? For that question to be relevant at all, Fonzie would have to be alive & present & active & with his obligations taken care of.

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