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Thread: Games that shouldv'e been on Dreamcast but weren't

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    The Sega Dreamcast is twenty-two years old today and I'm still playing mine.

    To this day I have never owned or really played any modern home console released after it.

    That said, the only game I still wish I could have for it would be Final Fantasy X.

    I love the Final Fantasy series. I actually have a PS2 copy of FFX which I have never played. And own a sealed copy of the EGM issue with the exclusive Yoshitaka Amano art for the release...

    Thinking about it, it's incredible how many great titles were released in the small window of time that the Dreamcast was supported.

    And it's astonishing to also consider the number of quality Japanese titles that you can easily import.

    But now it's unbelievable to think that thanks to the efforts of Dreamcast tech-savants that Atomiswave games are now fully playable.

    I feel more now than ever that the Dreamcast has the best library of its generation. The system that never dies.

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    Happy 22nd anniversary, Dreamcast!
    Got one back in 2001 soon after Sega announced its homeconsole hardware business exit; the DC was my main console for several years until my itch for new Sega games made me buy a PS2 to play OutRun2.

    Regarding the topic, I agree with most of Team Andromeda's and Cafeman's list of Model 3 games. Other than that:

    - Shenmue 3: not the one we got a couple of years ago, but a proper conclusion to the trilogy on the Sega console;

    - Garou MOTW 2: had SNK not gone bankrupt (the NeoGeo version was reportedly 50% complete at the time), it would be a great final addition to an already stellar fighting game library;

    - Soul Calibur 2: it would be interesting to see how the DC compared to the other 6th generation consoles and which Sega character Namco would include... Golden Axe's Gilius Thunderhead or Phantasy Star's Alis anyone?

    - OutRun 2: if only we had got this one, I wouldn't have bought a PS2 to begin with...
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