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At what point do these re-releases start becoming problematic? I could imagine Retro-Bit trying to republish shmups across the board. But when you have games like Wings of Wor (Gynoug) coming out on the switch with good CRT shader support, and potential for remixed modes, etc. for $7, it makes the prospect of a physical copy being $60 a bit unimpressive. I love the idea of people being able to buy these games, but I would love for the companies publishing these to really make an effort to add extra content, modes, really anything. (I do think that the region free/PAL/NTSC versions being all sorted out is a good deal.)

I guess, for the people that collected these games (I have essentially all the shmups that came out for the Genesis in the US, and some imports) we are essentially just rebuying games we already own. It would be great if these were versions with additional content. Also, please, do the Japanese instruction booklets, full color, with translated content.

I really think the main focus should be on unreleased games for regions.

- Undead Line
- Eliminate Down
- Slap Fight
- Verytex
- Super Fantasy Zone
- Battlemania
- Gleylancer
- Twin Hawk

Additional Options (Discounted?)
- Fire Mustang
- Bioship Paladin
- Heavy Unit
- Master of Weapon
- Curse
- Dangerous Seed
Problematic? Problematic how? I'm probably in the minority here but I have yet to buy a flashcart and don't own a console newer than a PS2 lol. I only do physical software. I think there's still plenty of people though who would prefer to use a physical cart on the original system (or maybe Mega SG) over a rerelease on newer gen system. These releases seem to be selling and I'm sure as long as people keep buying them they'll keep making them. I don't see what the harm is in making them.

Also, I would add Grindstormer to that list because of all the damn faulty carts out there