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    Sonic Sonic Adventure

    After an absence on the Saturn, Sonic returned on the Dreamcast with a new platform adventure. It was hailed and welcomed by many at the time, but the Blue Blur still had a lot of adjusting to do in the third dimension. A disjointed plot and a problematic camera keep Sonic's first proper 3D outing from being a true classic. Read our full review for more details.

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    I was a young kid at the time Sonic Adventure came out, and had a PS1 and Genesis instead of a dreamcast. It wasn't until around 10yrs later that I got to play this one. A lot of people didn't like the hub worlds in Sonic Adventure, but I actually enjoyed them. It gave it more of an "Adventure" feel, and reminded me of other classic platformer and collect-a-thon games, which I enjoy.

    I would say that I enjoy Adventure 1 more than Adventure 2, even though the second game is probably overall better, if I'm being honest.
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    SA was the game that truly inducted me as a Sega fan, which lasts to this day. At the time, it was the closest thing to an interactive film. There was action, turmoil, music, and voice acting, all delivered through real-time graphics that were better than anything else available.

    I remember searching for the soundtrack on the internet back then, but that was easier said than done. I remember I found someone who made MIDI renditions of all the tracks, and that was the closest thing I had for a while. I eventually found the real soundtrack in MP3 form on emuparadise.org. I only later found out you could order the soundtrack CDs from Japan, and I quickly got burned by a counterfeit soundtrack for Sonic Adventure 2!

    Great game and a landmark title for the industry.

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    Played so much of this game as a kid, but this review hits the nail on the head as far as how poorly this game has aged. Fiest level is amazing, and every level afterwards is a waste. Emerald Coast is arguably the pinnacle of how 3D Sonic should play. Then it is literally all downhill from there. Between wandering around Mystic Ruins, playing NiGHTS pinball, driving cars with Amy, the Big the Cat stages, ultra-cheesy voice acting and plot, it seems this game wanted you to do anything but play as Sonic. Gameplay, gameplay, gameplay. Sadly for 15 years SEGA decided to just remake this flawed game over and over again in worse and worse ways.

    The Chao were unique, the exploratory world was cool for the time, the soundtrack was good. But the rest of the game? Ugh.
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    Impressive game for the time with large scope and some nice extras with the Chao stuff.

    Maybe its not aged the best but then what has? I played it recently and had a fun time going through it again.

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    I loved this game so much. My import shop just got the stock on the day he was breaking up for Christmas 1998 and I was all set to cry like a child that Santa forgot, but he didn't . Loved the sense of adventure, the hub world and how the music perfectly matched what was being displayed on the screen. SEGA must a had spent a fortune on the music score alone. Windy Valley and Speed Highway are my fab levels to any Sonic game. I wish SEGA would return to the Adv aspect or remake the game

    Sure the game has aged, but all games do
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    I've still got great fondness for this game despite it perhaps not having aged too gracefully. I'd also take it over its sequel any day of the week. The Knuckles and Rouge levels in that are between bad and painful, and I'd argue that a number of elements of that game are a step backwards from the first.

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