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So what were everyone's thought on the new encyclopedia that was released, for whoever bought it? I did, on day one, then it got delayed 2-3 times.

It's a quality printing, you definitely get what you pay for, the book is huge, hardcover with glossy full color pages. Pretty cool.

However, I haven't found it as interesting as the "DRAGON BALL Daizenshu 7 Dictionary" or the "PokéSPedia" (Pokémon Adventures manga encyclopedia). This is pretty much the Sonic Wikia, but on paper, as others have stated prior to release. It recaps every video game from the 1st Sonic to Sonic Forces. Well, except "Sonic Classic Collection" (DS), and "Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis" (GBA) - (LOL. Yes it's a port and yes it's awful, but jokes aside, if they included Sonic Gems, Sonic Mega Collection, Smash Bros, it was still a retail release right?! I thought it was notably absent lol. And "Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure" too (What? It was a good one tho. How can you claim to be a complete recap if you miss these few still? Oh well. I'm sure I missed a few more too Sonic Jam ?

The book present the video games, their box art, all the zones, the badniks, the characters and the bosses but that's pretty much it, nothing exclusive other than some small print trivia for each game.

I do not regret my purchase, but don't expect anything out of the extraordinary from this. It's a nice printing overall and you can tell it took them a lot of effort to do.