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    Pengo Incredible Crash Dummies

    The Incredible Crash Dummies somehow got a toy line and a cartoon show, so of course there had to be a video game tie-in. It's short and saddled with poor control, not offering much for its license. Though not the worst platforming experience out there, your time would be better spent with any of the better Genesis offerings in the category. Read our full review for all the details.

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    I didn't understand about pilot episodes and all that when I was young so I wondered for years why there was only one episode because I quite enjoyed the cartoon. One of my brothers also got Crash Dummies for Christmas because he often broke his toys and my mum thought he wouldn't break them because you were supposed to crash them. They were broken on the first day. I never played the game but it sounds like exactly what you'd expect in the review. Really amazing the franchise got so much merchandise when it was around such a short time. It must have been one of those investments they were sure would pay off with a media blitz.

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    Fair and well-written review. I'd probably bump it up to 5/10 since I have a weakness for B.O.B. (which uses the same engine), but I can't fault 4/10 either. The game has its share of irritating moments but I found it quite playable overall.

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