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Thread: Zero Tolerance Origins - SLG

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    The first ZT had 40 levels, is underground legit just 9 of those shorter levels? Or 9 levels with multiple areas within? I guess my concern is that ZT is not a rare game, or a highly sought after game. I'm not entirely sure what the goal here is, and if it's missing all these quality of life features, like the 6-button pad support, better framerates, other bonus features, color hacks, SRAM support, etc. What's the value here? I'm slightly disappointed in this, because these rereleases should be providing more stuff than what you can get with simple rom hacks.

    Also, Piko, please, tell SLG, they need to add SRAM/saving to all games with score tables, or any features that would benefit from saving. It's 2022, and repro's are a better value at this point than these games. Old games that are being rereleased at new game prices can't keep effectively selling glorified repros to the retro community. This is becoming a problem.

    My major issue is that some of these retro game sellers/publishers can add a ton to these games. For example, 9 stages are in Underground, but there is a free level editor available. A full game could theoretically be commissioned by SLG's. There's the frame skip stuff, adding quality of life fixes, including a freaking link cable w/ the physical purchase of the MD/Genesis games. Like, what do we need to do, as consumers, to communicate that this is bare minimum stuff these publishers need to include? They're essentially selling us less game, features, etc. for more, despite the fact that most of us already own this game.

    I just kinda wish these companies would treat the demographic they're targeting with this stuff a bit better. ZT is < $40 CIB. This is not a rare game.

    Seriously, if SLG is asking for $60, and we still have to use passwords to continue our game later on the MD versions of this game, there is something seriously wrong with this release. There is quite literally no reason to buy this version of the game if the publisher has access to the license, a team of devs, the rights holders, the tech and manufacturing ability, etc. and they still opt to sell us a carbon copy of the original game with the 9 extra levels.

    Sorry for the rant, but as a MD/Genesis enthusiast, who wants to see older games republished, I really want there to be some base requirements that publishers meet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pikointeractive View Post
    1) Has Segaman worked on the Mega Drive release?

    He helped us with the Uneground game

    2) Does this new release Mega Drive improve the framerate in any way?

    Underground version adds and option to turn on Frameskip which helps with the framerate

    3) I remember Segaman mentioning a new 6-button control scheme for Zero Tolerance on Twitter back in 2020, has this been included in this new release?

    This only works on Emulator, I think it is included on the Steam release.

    4) Does the "Underground" portion of the game have its own ending or even any new story bits/text screens?

    Its 9 Levels and does have its own ending.
    Thanks a lot for the answers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pikointeractive View Post
    PS4 and Switch are getting the BZT demo on top of ZT and ZTU

    Megadrive, If I can fit BZT rom in it, I'll throw it in. But can't guarantee.

    Yes its a big project, and want to make sure we pay the correct attention to eventually get it done in the future.
    Thank you for the clarifications 👍

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