Hello everyone,

In addition to being a member here, I am part of the staff at the Video Game Sage forum. We have been working closely with Mega Cat Studios over the past several months to launch a line of homebrew games to help devs who are otherwise unable to publish their games on their own or achieve a larger distribution. Our first game in this series is Diamond Thieves, a puzzle platformer from a bunch of talented devs in Brazil called Mangangá Team.

As an added special touch, our graphics team designed the gorgeous box and storyboard for the game trailer: https://youtu.be/sks9sfC5atQ

The game launched today and you can buy it here: https://megacatstudios.com/pages/diamond-thieves

Proceeds will benefit the developers as well as support VGS. More games are in the pipeline, and we hope you enjoy them!

You can read my blog post in a series I'm starting to highlight this new line of games that I'm calling The Mega Cat Chronicles: https://www.videogamesage.com/blogs/...amond-thieves/