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Thread: How Atari paved the way for Fortnite — and changed the world

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    Default How Atari paved the way for Fortnite — and changed the world


    Quote "This week marks a half century since the eccentric Nolan Bushnell — who also founded Chuck E. Cheese — and Ted Dabney started the pioneering company in Sunnyvale, California.

    Before they launched Atari, they created the first arcade video game, called Computer Space, in 1971. It was based on the game Spacewar!, made in 1962 by MIT grad students whom Payne noted would be considered hackers today."

    It's amazing that it's been 50 years. Happy Birthday Atari! 🎁🎂

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    It’s kind of funny that Cinematronics would release a vector based arcade cabinet called Space Wars. It was a pretty cool arcade game and it would see a blocky port to the Atari VCS.

    I dusted off my old heavy 6 a couple of weeks ago to play Robot Tank. That game is a bitch!
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