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Thread: FOUR HOUR Documentary on Virtua Cop & it's Saturn port

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    Blinky FOUR HOUR Documentary on Virtua Cop & it's Saturn port

    Life?!...What console is that on?

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    I got through some of it last night. Pandemonium really went over and above along with his partner for this one, with all the translated-to-English interviews with the AM2 members. Wow. It also has ancillary content about the Saturn, Virtua Racing, and Virtua Battler. I mean, Virtua Fighter!

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    Most prob the best ever Saturn feature ever made. I'll never forget the phone call with my importer the day he had the US stock, I just phoned after coming home from work to see if it had come it and Lee said yes, 'it's here ' and when I asked him was it was like. Lee, just said 'it's the Arcade in your home' and it basically was, I never ever noticed the better shadows in the Saturn version LOL

    I always thought both the Saturn and Arcade game run at 30 FPS and part of the press for VC 2 in the Arcade, was how it was running at double the frame rate of the Model 2 original game?.
    Hope they do a feature on that port soon
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