I'm sure I'm late to the party in realising this (or have made an error possibly) but the MSX version is not actually the same as the SG-1000 version right?

As far as I can tell they made a new easy mode for the MSX version (that is laughably sleep-inducingly easy) that it defaults to, and if you complete it on easy it gives you a code to input that allows you to play the Normal mode (which it calls "Hard").

The SG-1000 itself however already did this, on completing it on Normal you got a code for actual hard mode?

There also seem to be some differences in colour palettes and enemy placement between the two versions.

I wish I'd known this earlier as I originally played it on MSX and wrote it off as boring.

Anyway I take it this is the case and I'm not just missing something, I kinda wanted some corroboration does anyone know any details?