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    Default Ransei no Hasha manual translation

    I've put almost 50 hours in this game I'm finishing tomorrow on twitch, I figured since I got this lengthy translation of the manual I'd post it here.
    Note that it's machine translated but with adjustments (I know some Japanese). If anybody is old and big-brained enough to play such a game this would be very helpful to understand the mechanics which are pretty simple.

    cheers, giant copypasta in 3

    based on a board game?

    project egg says it-s based on the boardgame sengoku daimyou

    x68k ver devved by cyuberhead has amazing graphics

    Ransei no Hasha: "Conqueror of Turbulence"
    The only home version of the PC-98 game Tenka Touitsu.

    A straightforward port with a bit inferior artworks but adds glorious voice samples to battles and other stuff.

    The second Tenka Touitsu was subtitled Ransei no Hasha, but the megadrive game is a port of the first tenka touitsu game.

    Tenka Touitsu = "unification of the whole country" 天下統一



    Tenbun 20 (1551). In the middle of the Warring States period. Players must conquer their own country, expand their territory, and eventually unify the world. At the beginning of the game, the warlords who will later be called Sengoku daimyo and gain fame are nothing more than extremely weak existences. Recreating history and achieving unfulfilled dreams are all up to the player's decision!! In order to unify the world and become the champion of the turbulent world, it is necessary to meet the following conditions. (1) Complete control of Yamashiro (over 80% of the country's control rate). (2) The relationship between kokudaka and prestige must meet the conditions in the chart below.

    石高 kokudaka = crop, yield, salary
    威信 ishin = prestige


    If this condition is met, a special envoy will visit from the Imperial Court during the update phase.
    Even after meeting the victory conditions, if the player wishes, they can play until the whole country is completely unified. If you succeed in unifying the world, you will be able to choose and start from all 55 countries. However, if the world cannot be unified after 70 years, or if all warlords including the family head die in the middle of unification, the game will be over.

    PAGE 6

    UI explanation.
    1 = Command country data
    power of your country and other countries within the range where your power exists

    2 = data of your country and game progress

    3 = current turn by age and season. Phase is displayed below it.

    4 = map

    5 = message box

    PAGE 7

    Name and scale of the country.

    If there is a power in the country, it is "mixed power". If a feudal lord has been pacified, its name will be displayed.

    3 = TOWN'S SCALE
    The higher the number, the more developed the town is. There is an upper limit for each country (see page 28).

    Some commands cannot be executed unless the control rate is 80% or higher.
    Determined by the number and size of castles you own.

    The higher the value, the more the daimyo will be instructed by the residents, and the more people will respond to the recruitment of soldiers. If it is low, it will be easier for uprisings to occur.

    All castles in the country are displayed according to their level and power. Castles under your control are displayed in blue, and allies and other powers are displayed in red.

    Defensive power of the castle.
    It will be a guideline to raise 'castle construction', and it is also related to the CONTROL RATE (4)

    2 = Indicates military commanders.

    PAGE 8

    naisei (internal affairs)

    Represents high political power. It also affects domestic politics such as tax collection and building castles, and diplomacy such as recruiting other powers and alliances.
    Operation strategy, castle construction, rakuichi rakuza, temporary tax collection, alliance with daimyo, recruitment of warlords, etc., strategy strategy, battle siege warfare

    chuusei (Loyalty)

    Represents loyalty to a feudal lord. Officers with low loyalty will be recruited by other factions or rebelled. However, officers with 0 loyalty are related and will not betray. Loyalty increases by increasing the effect tribute. If you cause a rebellion or are overtaken by another daimyo, the result will be announced in the update phase.

    hei (soldiers)

    one unit represents 100 people. If you hire it, the 石高 kokudaka will drop accordingly. In addition, maintenance costs corresponding to the number of soldiers will be automatically paid in autumn.

    PAGE 9

    teppou (gun)
    represents 100 units per unit. only 30% of the number of soldiers can be used in battle, so be careful. If the number of guns is large, it will be vulnerable to assault.


    Each feudal lord has a CP (command point). This CP limits the number of orders that a daimyo can issue in one turn. Execution of many commands requires consumption of a certain amount of CP. The set CP is set for each military commander's ability. Consumed CP will recover to the upper limit in the update phase of the next turn. The upper limit of CP increases as the military commander's class advances from small daimyo to Sengoku daimyo.

    Daimyou abilities

    There is prestige in the abilities that only Daimyo have. This represents the trust level of your vassals and your prestige both at home and abroad, and will increase as your territory expands. As prestige increases, vassals are less likely to betray. Temporary tax collections and attacks on allies can lower your prestige.

    Warrior classes:

    豪族  Gouzoku (powerful family)
    For domestic stability. Limited commands.

    小大名 Small daimyou
    Form a territory and start invading neighboring countries. You will be able to use commands related to politics.

    戦国大名 Sengoku Daimyou
    We're finally moving towards unification.

    PAGE 10

    Information command

    The information command allows you to obtain information about your territory and the country where your castle is located for free. This command can be used in all phases.

    1 武将情報 Warlord information

    Displays a list of officers belonging to your daimyo family.
    Your name, age, military, domestic affairs, number of soldiers, number of guns, salary, and loyalty are constantly changing, so you need to check them frequently. In particular, age and loyalty are directly related to events. Use the directional buttons to match the stats of the military commander, and press the A button to select, and the stats will be sorted in descending order.

    2 国情報 Country information

    It consists of domestic data and domestic map screens. You can check domestic castle levels, routes, and enemies' sources, as well as residents' emotions. Domestic information is free, but a 10 CP cost will be required for obtaining foreign information without your own castle (small daimyou and above can pay to get information).

    3 勢力情報 Faction information

    A command to check the status of other daimyo. A list of each daimyo is displayed. After selecting and confirming the officer whose information you want to see, the location of the officer will be displayed in yellow on the national map, and data such as the total yield, number of officers, number of soldiers, balance, and prestige will be displayed on the upper left of the screen.
    In addition, you can display lords and allies by icon operation in the same way as the normal nationwide screen.

    __________________________________________________ ____________________

    更新 こうしん phase Update phase
    Calculating income and expenses for both countries.

    PAGE 11
    収入 shuunyuu Income
    The main income in autumn comes from rice tax, which is proportional to 石高(crop, yield, salary).
    During other seasons, income is determined by taxes collected from towns within the realm.

    支出 shishutsu Expenses
    There are household expenses, tributes to military commanders, and maintenance expenses for soldiers and castles.
    This expenditure is for the fall term only. In each phase, depending on the selected action, the necessary cost will be paid each time

    Event occurrence

    Various events such as natural disasters and bountiful harvests occur during the year, and they affect the management of the territory in various ways.
    Please refer to the text starting on page 24 for an explanation of the event.

    One turn: one season.
    A year consists of 4 turns: spring, summer, autumn and winter. During this time, both enemies and allies complete a series of actions and battles.

    Phase: A turn is further divided into 5 parts: update, armament, Politics, strategy, and battle.

    足利将軍の登場 Envoy from the imperial court:

    Advent of the Ashikaga Shogun Sometimes the Shogun asks for protection. Accepting it halves your balance, but increases your prestige by 3.
    Officers under the shogun will obey.

    武将の死亡・隠居 Warlord death or retirement
    When each officer reaches a certain age, they will be checked for death and retirement, and will be determined in this phase.

    新武将の登場 Appearance of a new warlord

    New warlords will appear as the years progress. The time and country of appearance are almost historically true. Please choose whether or not to accept as a vassal.

    PAGE 12

    武将の反乱 Warlord betrayal

    Officers with low loyalty may rebel. The military commander resides in the largest vacant castle in the country with the highest kokudaka in the territory as an independent force.

    Note) From now on, the consumption CP and necessary cost are written in parentheses after the commands that you can select.
    At this time, commands marked with "annual increase" (or "annual decrease") increase (or decrease) in CP consumption or required cost year by year. Country control rate must be 80% or higher.

    軍備 Armament phase

    武将の俸禄 CP 1 - Samurai tribute

    In order to raise the loyalty of officers, increase the tribute. The amount of increase is calculated based on the loyalty of existing officers and is set automatically.

    兵の募集 Recruitment of soldiers (Cp cost per unit)

    You can only do this once per turn per country. Select and execute officers, and distribute the number of soldiers to each officer. There is an upper limit to the number of soldiers that can be gathered depending on the 石高 kokudaka. The higher the control rate and resident sentiment, the higher the number. Recruiting soldiers reduces citizen sentiment and control rate.
    The maximum number per officer(?) is 50.

    鉄砲の購入 buying guns (cp cost yearly)

    Can be done once per country | per turn. Purchasing guns requires high CP and costs. This will decrease with age. If you completely control one of the three countries of Kii, Kita Omi, or Satsuma, the CP cost for purchasing guns will be lower than in other regions. Only 30% of the troops can use guns in battle. Even if you equip more than that, you will not be able to participate in the shooting. The more guns you have, the weaker your long spear, charge attacks, and defense will be.

    紀伊 北近江 薩摩
    Kii Kitaomi Satsuma

    CP cost according to domestic policy

    PAGE 13


    城の普請 Castle Construction

    It can only be done once per turn against one castle. You can raise the castle construction level up to 3 levels at a time for castles that have officers in your army. At this time, the higher the civil value of the officer executing this command, the lower the cost. Also, the upper limit of the castle level is determined by the total kokudaka 石高(crop/yield).
    If you don't have enough gold to spend the update phase, your castle level will automatically decrease.

    Flood control clearing (CP2 cost 100)

    "Can be done once per turn per country. Select the officer to execute the command and execute the command. Expanding and improving farmland will increase the crop yield. The number of increases is the internal affairs value of the officer Depending on the execution, the resident sentiment of the execution country will rise.It may also increase the prestige of the daimyo.The gran displayed when executing the command indicates the degree of cultivation of the land.
    This is full If so, no further cultivation is possible.

    Rakuichi-rakuza (free markets and open guilds)

    LORE _____ LORE _____LORE _____ LORE _____LORE _____ LORE
    This is one of Nobunaga's institutions worth pointing out: this declaration of free markets was a plan for economic development by forbidding trade monopolies and providing for open guilds instead, the rakuza indeed.
    So he broke open the unions, guilds and associations that he considered an obstacle to commerce, developing laws with an eye to tax evasion and regulating debt contracting.
    LORE _____ LORE _____LORE _____ LORE _____LORE _____ LORE

    Select an execution officer and execute. Increases town size and resident sentiment. There is an upper limit to the number of increases in town size due to the run value.

    臨時徴税 Temporary tax collection (CP2 cost 0)

    Can be done once per country per turn. Select and execute an officer. You can earn income in addition to the fixed income, but not only will the sentiment of the residents
    decrease, but the daimyo's prestige may also decrease.

    Intra-territorial movement
    CPI cost per troop:
    Gozoku: 1
    Little Daimyou: 3
    Sengoku daimyo: 5

    After selecting the execution officer, specify the destination. If it is within the territory of your country, as long as the castle route is connected, small and large, you can move an unlimited distance. However, it is not possible to travel in areas where typhoons and heavy snow have occurred during the event.
    Note) The computer side will move along with the operation during the operation phase.

    PAGE 14

    大名との同盟 Alliance with a Daimyou
    CPI cost 40 (20 if failed)

    can only be executed if the daimyo is at least a small daimyo.
    Also, the daimyo himself cannot be executed. When executing, select a military commander and an allied partner country.
    If the national power (total 石高 kokudaka) and prestige are higher than the partner country, the probability of success will increase. Alliances can be up to 3 countries at the same time. Successful alliances can increase the prestige of daimyo. In order to destroy the alliance, there is no choice but to launch an attack against the ally. However, this reduces the prestige of the daimyo and reduces the loyalty of the vassals. It is best not to break an alliance by attacking. Please note that if the partner country or the head of your own country dies in the event of the renewal phase and the head changes, the alliance will be automatically destroyed.

    武将の引き抜き Recruitment of officers

    Recruiting Officers (CP1 /Cost 10) Select the officers you wish to recruit. You can recruit military commanders from other forces within the territory, excluding the head of the family, heirs to the head of the family, participants in Ikko Ikki, and followers. However, on the contrary, one's vassals may be pulled out. Officers can only be recruited from officers who are in castles within the territory of the officer to be recruited. Also, this command cannot be executed if the maximum number of units (6 units) are in the castle with the commander.
    Conditions for increasing the probability of successfully pulling out military commanders:
    ・National strength (total kokudaka) is higher than that of the partner country
    ・The internal affairs value of the execution officer is high
    ・The loyalty of the enemy military commander is low.
    Note) Extraction is not possible in areas where typhoons have occurred.

    PAGE 15

    作戦フェイズ Operations phase

    計略 Tactics/ruse (CP3 / Cost 50)

    Select the execution officer and select which castle to target. 40% chance of success. This will reduce the castle construction level of the target castle by 15-20%. The number of soldiers executed by the commander will decrease regardless of success.

    作戦行動 Operational Action ■Operation (CP0, cost see chart below)
    Select an officer to execute, then select a castle to attack from among the adjacent castles and execute it. Up to 6 units can be ordered against a single castle, as long as the budget allows. Costs are calculated per soldier and rounded up to the nearest whole number.
    The figure below shows the relationship between the cost per soldier and the daimyo's class and kokudaka.

    on the table, to the left are kokudaka and cost.

    PAGE 16

    合戦フェイズ Battle phase
    This is the phase in which you fight (attack) the enemy forces set as attack targets and fight (defense) the enemy forces attacking your own castle.


    1: Battle situation table
    A graph that displays the number of soldiers in red and the formation coefficient in green.

    2: battle instruction board
    Troop movements are displayed

    3: Warlord data
    The name of the military commander, strength, etc. are displayed for each enemy and ally.
    Normally, only the number of soldiers is displayed, but if you press the C button, you can see the number of soldiers, the number of guns, and the formation factor in order, so please refer to it in battle.

    4: Icons

    PAGE 17

    天候 Weather

    One of the three types of battlefield weather is automatically determined with the following probability.

    晴 Sunny 60% (hare)
    No effect on battle.

    霧 Fog 10% (kiri)
    You can't see your opponent's troops unless they are adjacent.
    The power of the gun corps is halved.
    Separate teams cannot be dispatched.

    雨 Rain 30%
    You can't use guns.

    陣形の決定 Formation decision

    A maximum of 6 units can participate in an operation, but 3 units will be dispatched to the actual battle (if the participating units are 3 or less, they will be automatically split into 3 units).
    Select an icon to indicate how to arrange these three units in formation.
    There are three formations: yokojin fish scale crane wing, flying geese (right head), and flying geese (left head).
    Also, it is one strategy to choose a siege when defending.

    PAGE 18

    部隊配置 Troop arrangement

    Once you've decided on your formation, place your troops. Units are numbered 1, 2, and 3 from top to bottom. Battles are centered around these three units, but a detachment unit can be deployed as a fourth unit. Remaining troops can be used as reserves to replace wounded troops.

    戦闘 Battle

    The victory or defeat of a battle depends on the increase or decrease of the organization coefficient of each unit. The organization coefficient is determined by the military ability of the commander leading the unit and their previous combat experience. When the formation factor of even one unit reaches 0, the attacking side begins to withdraw, the defending side withdraws or besieges, and enters siege mode.

    PAGE 19

    攻撃命令 Battle commands

    長槍隊 Long spear troop

    Disturbance by the Long Spear Corps. The organization of your unit will not be affected. Only works for adjacent units.

    鉄砲隊 Gun troop

    You can attack even if the enemy unit is separated from your unit. The effect differs depending on the number of guns and shooting distance. Cannot be used in rainy weather.

    突撃 Assault

    Hand-to-hand combat with swords. The formation factor of the attacking side is also lowered, but the enemy unit is greatly damaged. Only valid for adjacent units.

    前進 Advance

    Advance units that are not adjacent to enemy units

    後退 Fall back

    Withdraw troops. You can slightly recover the reduced troop formation factor.

    PAGE 20

    部隊の交替 Change troops (butainokoutai)

    Swap the troops participating in the battle with the reserve troops not participating in the battle.
    However, units in the rearmost line of the front line cannot be replaced with reserve units.

    別動隊 Detached force (betsudoutai)

    Can be executed when 4 or more units participate in the battle.
    Disturbed by long spear unit.
    Not possible in fog.

    籠城 Siege (roujou)

    The defending side barricaded themelves in the castle of their own country and became a siege battle with the enemy forces.

    後退, こうたい Retreat

    Retreat to a castle connected to your own castle by a castle route. You can't if the castle route is not connected to your own castle.

    Troops not given any orders will take defensive action and regain their reduced formation factor. In addition to being defeated, officers may die when they are routed.

    PAGE 21

    攻城戦 こうじょうせん Siege warfare

    Siege mode is entered when either your army or the enemy army besieges or retreats.
    Also, if you invade a castle with an enemy officer coefficient of 0, you will enter castle siege mode.
    At this time, instead of the battle status table, the castle's durability value will be displayed as a red graph on the screen. Without this, the castle will fall.
    The warlords of the fallen castle either flee from the castle, surrender and become the other's vassals, or commit seppuku. However, Ikko Ikki and the followers disband.
    "The building level of a fallen castle will be lowered. In addition, you can only attack a total of 3 times in siege battles.

    強襲 きょうしゅう Assault

    Assault the castle. Attackers also take damage

    包囲 ほうい Siege

    Besiege the castle.
    The attacking side does not suffer any damage, but the siege cost is required.
    This is determined by the domestic affairs ability of the participating officers and the total number of participating soldiers.

    退却 たいきゃく Retreat

    Abandon the siege and retreat.

    PAGE 22

    Types of events and their effects

    Various events occur in the update phase.
    They have a great impact on the political, economic and military aspects of their own country. Take a look at the list below and use it as a reference for your strategy as you progress through the game. Events occur seasonally, regionally or nationally. In parentheses after the event name, I wrote the unit and the season. Events without a season are events that occur throughout the year.

    Large earthquake
    Yield (Kokudaka), town scale, castle level drop.

    Volcano eruption
    Yield drops.

    Flood (summer)
    Yield and town scale drops

    Drought (summer)
    Yield and town scale drop.
    If an outbreak occurs in one country, it may occur in another region.

    PAGE 23

    Typhoon (summer)
    ・Cannot move in typhoon areas.
    ・Decrease in crop, town size, and castle level.
    ・Battles are not possible in areas with typhoons.

    Snowstorm (winter)
    Territory movement is not possible in heavy snow areas
    Battles cannot be held in heavy snow areas.
    Forces from other regions cannot march into areas with heavy snowfall.
    In Tohoku 東北 and Hokuriku 北陸, this may occur in winter and spring.

    Bad harvest (autumn)
    Income will be reduced because the income calculation will be lower than the scale of Kokudaka and town.
    Ishidaka, there is no substantial change in the town's figures. ・High occurrence in Tohoku 東北. Occurrence in other regions, although the probability is low.

    Good harvest (autumn)
    Income is calculate on a higer crop scale.
    Crop increases.

    Famine (winter)
    Crop, town scale and morale all lower.
    Only happens in countries that had a bad harvest in the previous turn.


    Epidemic (neighboring country)
    Decrease in crop, size of town, number of soldiers.
    There is a high probability that it will spread to neighboring countries.

    Decrease in crop, town size, castle level, daimyo's prestige.
    Occurs when the power that controls the country is of the minor daimyo class or higher.
    It is easy to occur when residents' feelings are low.

    Ikko Ikki
    Decrease in kokudaka, town size, number of soldiers, castle level, residents' feelings.
    Occurs when the power that controls the country is of the minor daimyo class or higher.
    The emergence of new powers. (Ikko Ikki army)
    Occurs in nine countries: Owari, Ise, Kaga, Echizen-Ecchu, Settsu, Kawachi, Kii, and Mikawa.
    It is easy to occur when residents' feelings are low.

    Mine discovery
    The size of the town increases.
    North Mutsu, Minami Mutsu, Dewa Tokiwa, Shimotsuke, Sagami, Suruga, Mino, Kai, Echigo, Inaba, Izumo Tajima, Iwami, Harima, Mimasaka, Bicchu, Bingo, Nagato, Iyo, Buzen, Bungo, Chikuzen, Chikugo, Higo and Satsuma. These 26 countries have the potential for mine discovery.

    PAGE 25

    Envoy from the royal court (daimyo requirement)
    Increases daimyou prestige

    A vassal of an independent military commander
    An independent force becomes a vassal of a small daimyo or Sengoku daimyo.

    Nanban trade
    The size of the town increases, and the feelings of the residents decrease.
    Kawachi, Suo, Nagato, Tosa, Buzen, Bungo, Tsukizen, Hizen, Higo, Hyuga, Osumi, Satsuma.
    Occurred in the above 12 countries.
    Increase the number of guns for each military commander in the trading country.

    Warlord rebellion
    Occurs in all daimyo households of small daimyo and above.
    The military commander who caused the rebellion will be generated as an independent power in the highest level empty castle in the country with the highest kokudaka that the daimyo holds.

    Death and retirement of officers
    All officers are subject to check. However, independent powers do not die of illness. Successors may appear. The successor inherits the predecessor's boroku and the number of soldiers as they are.

    PAGE 26


    After the event occurs in the natural increase update phase, the crop, town size, etc. will naturally increase and rise.

    the increase is calculated by the ratio of the current crop and the limit crop. At least 10k stone increase.

    Town scale:
    the increae is calculated as a ratio of the town's current size to its marginal size.

    Resident morale:
    0 to 2 point increase.

    Warlord appearance:
    As time goes on, new warlords will appear.
    Appearance of a deceased successor.
    The warlords newly appearing in the game will serve as vassals of the countries in which they appear.

    PAGE 27


    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________
    |Command name| |CP cost| |Cost| |Notes|
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________
    軍備 ぐんび Armament
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________
    武将の棒禄 Officer salary CP 1
    兵の募集 Soldier recruitment CP 1 Soldier number Costs 1 per soldier
    鉄砲の購入 Buying guns Year reduction|Year reduction Decreases over the years.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________
    政略 せいりゃく Politics
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________
    城の普請 Castle construction CP 1 domestic value up to 3 per turn
    治水開墾 Flood control CP 2 100 kokudaka raise
    楽市楽座 Rakuichi akuza CP 1 town town scale increase
    臨時徴税 Temp tax collection CP 2 morale and prestige down
    領内移動 Territorial movement CP 1 number of troops warrior class also involved
    大名との同盟 Alliance with daimyo CP 1 40 cost = 20 if failed
    武将の引き抜き Recruitment of soldiers CP 1 10
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________
    作戦 さくせん Operations
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________
    武将情報 Warlord information
    国情報 Country information CP 1 10
    勢力情報 Faction information changes depending on the class of the warlord
    計略 Tactics/ruse CP 3 50
    作戦行動 Operational action CP 0 country strength
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________
    合戦 がっせん Battle
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________
    長槍隊 Spear troops Slight damage to own forces
    鉄砲隊 Gun troops Indirect attack. Cannot be used in rain.
    突撃隊 Assault troops Hand-to-hand combat
    前進 後退 Forward and backwards
    部隊の交代 Change of troop
    別動隊 Flying column/detached troop Impossible if foggy
    籠城 Siege (holing up)
    退却 Retreat
    強襲 Assault
    包囲 Siege (attacking) Cost depends on domestic policy and military strength
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________

    PAGE 28


    Unit control rate is %, crop is referring to the whole country


    17 years old
    Army: 10
    Politics: 14
    Soldiers: 20
    Iron: 1

    Owari province 尾張国  ・ Powerful family ・ 80k stones

    Crop Town
    Prestige: 6 Control rate: 18 Morale: 55 Income: 575 Initial value: 45 30
    Warlords: 3 Total soldiers: 35 Balance: 90 CP: 14 Highest value: 66 60

    Surrounded by enemies on four sides, disadvantageous. Blitzkrieg strategy that makes use of human resources is effective. Watch out for Ikko Ikki!

    俸 Salary ほう

    check out list:

    why can I not use nagabunga to ask an alliance

    figure out if the ninja thing requires warfare or politics rating
    figure out if encircling is something separate from just sieging

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    I've put about 0 effort in copypasting this here but I've put a lot of effort into studying the manual and playing the game, so if anybody actually wants to take a shot at playing this game just post in here or something and I'll write a couple of lines as a sort of miniguide if that helps.

    Retrogaming lore videos on YouTube

    Twitch partner at twitch.tv/goati_

    I livestream different systems and Japanese exclusives with some language competence.
    Since 2014, though, I carry on the Megamarathon project: beating and documenting every single Mega Drive videogame.
    All regions, unlicensed, unreleased, homebrews...

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    It doesn't look like my type of game but what do you think of it? I've never been big on strategy games but I know it's a popular genre

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    I think it's very good, it adds very glorious voice samples to the original pc-98 version which released in 1989 so that's why the game looks so barren, pc-98 games that old are primitive.
    Even the x68000 version by Arsys(!!!) with excellent redrawn pixelart and rearranged music doesn't have these voice samples.

    Aside from the above one extra value the Mega Drive version has to offer and back to the game: it's very good.
    Take KOEI's Nobunaga's Ambition as a frame of reference, because this is basically SystemSoft doing a Nobunaga no Yabou game: Ransei no Hasha is much more simple but every mechanic counts. And simple to me equals good.
    So you won't find the multitude of Koei portraits, icons or graphics; the battle system is also very simple in comparison.
    The enemy AI is pretty good, especially on the map.
    There's pretty big wait times during the politics phase, especially for those Daimyou that are controlling many provinces.

    Side sad-story:
    20 hours in, I had to restart. Having picked Nobunaga, I was basically playing hard mode, given his position and starting resources.
    But knowing that the problem was not having gotten a good headstart and not knowing the game, I started again with nobunaga and, 27 hours later, it was just a matter of time before I was about to meet the victory conditions.

    However -and this is 47 livestreamed hours in now-, ready to do one last session to beat the game... my save file got nuked.
    Some insane data corruption. No backup available, which is nasty because the MegaSD I'm using was supposed to generate save backups. No help from the TerraOnion discord so far.
    I've now updated the MegaSD firmware and am testing the game on it again for it to generate me a damn save backup...
    I didn't buy this one cause the manual is online already. Anyway. Onto playing it for 30 more hours to start over and document 1, possibly 2 more Mega Drive endings that are nowhere to be found online.

    Retrogaming lore videos on YouTube

    Twitch partner at twitch.tv/goati_

    I livestream different systems and Japanese exclusives with some language competence.
    Since 2014, though, I carry on the Megamarathon project: beating and documenting every single Mega Drive videogame.
    All regions, unlicensed, unreleased, homebrews...

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    WOW! I can't imagine having to restart after that amount of time not once but twice!!!! Also you're doing the community proud by documenting the endings!

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