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Thread: What are your favorite games released this year?

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    Default What are your favorite games released this year?

    Here are the best games I've played this year, keep in mind I'm simply going off of US releases for myself (and my own tastes):

    1. Pocky & Rocky Reshrined - A great sequel/reimagining of a game I've played the heck out of as a kid.

    2. Cotton Fantasy: Superlative Night Dreams - A great new edition to the cotton series!

    3. A.I. Nirvana Initiative - Cool anime-style visual novel, but it requires knowledge of the previous game to enjoy.

    4. Sol Cresta - A sequel to an old shmup series that has a soundtrack by none other than Yuzo Koshiro!

    5. Arkanoid: Eternal Battle - A great throwback to a classic game, loved the 25-player multiplayer mode!

    6. Kirby and the Forgotten Land - For being Kirby's first true 3D game (to my knowledge), I thought it was quite an addicting collect-a-thon!

    7. Babylon's Fall - After february nobody's going to get to play this game since it bombed terribly, but I did like playing it with friends.

    8. Elden Ring - Art style is awesome and exploring the world was fun. I hope From Software's next game is an Armored Core title because I could really use a new mech game.

    As another shoutout, I'm glad we finally got a remastered G-Darius, and I like all the Saturn tributes being released on consoles as of late (Elevator Action Returns, Guardian Force, Cotton, etc.)

    What games released this year did you like?

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    Hard for me to put an order for them this year. I may rework this post later or post again so for now just a list of my fave game so far this year.

    The Ascent (PS5) one of my fave Cyberpunk game I have played.

    Bayonetta 3. Amazing game but is a little different than previous games.

    Soulstice. This is Berserk meets DMC and a pretty good effort for the DMC gameplay formula.

    Xenoblade 3. Another amazing entry in an amazing series.

    Stranger in Paradise. Fun action game. Not so great on the technical side even after updates.

    Evil West. Feels like a game out of the 360 era but it's fun. Creative and from Flying Wild Hog who does the Shadow Warrior games.

    SD Gundam Battle Alliance. A simple but fun mech action game.

    Capcom Fighting Collection. I loved Red Earth and the collection.

    TMNT Cowabunga Collection. Not played some of them and others not in a long time.

    Klonoa Reverie. Love these games and wish Klonoa was more popular.

    Not finished Gungrave GORE yet so jury is still out. Same with Shredders Revenge.

    Life?!...What console is that on?

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    I finished Soleil (Crusader of Centy) last night but it was on the Mega Drive Mini 2 which was released this year so does that count

    I have also completed the story mode of Shredder's Revenge otherwise everything else I've completed were mainly Master System games

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