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Thread: Saturn Phantasmagoria multi-language translation project

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    Default Saturn Phantasmagoria multi-language translation project

    Has this been covered here on the forum somewhere?


    This a game I always wanted to play on the Saturn but the fact it was a Japan only release was a big let down.

    But hey, it seems French developers 'Delta Island' has done already quite a lot: not only they translated to various languages, they also updated the game by including the censored parts!

    If I understood correctly, it's now at version 1.5-revised and possibly a version 1.6 will follow.

    8 cd's for one game is a lot of cd's but could be worth playing for those who missed the PC version. (I did.)

    I have not yet tried it but is seems downgraded at 320x240, audio sample rate @11025 (or 22050 in french?) and no mouse support? But some videos have been slightly upgraded for the saturn? Can anyone confirm this?

    I wish someone could do the same to darkseed...
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