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Thread: Yakitori Meijin Tori Gin DX

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    Ok so this is this guy's 3rd or 4th game at this point on the Mega Drive; I've seen, in another thread here time ago, that despite it saying the games don't ship overseas, you can message the guy on twitter and you can get a copy. I've tried that twice with no luck, with some Japanese knowledge too.
    He'd reply to me but never come through when I'd ask for payment details as to secure an order.

    I'm about to try again in the next days, more in a plea form as I have a completionist project and all I care about is being able to play all the games, so this looks like a kind of thing where I either manage to get a copy now or I might not be able to play it in the future.

    If anybody has any tips I would appreciate it

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    Do a stream hyping up that you are going to ask him for the last time so any weebs in your audience will message him too.

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