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Thread: Twinkling lights in my mega drive

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    Default Twinkling lights in my mega drive

    I recently got a clear mega drive shell. And I wanted to instal extra leds in there that react to the signals on the motherboard. But basically I have no experience in this sort of field. How would I go a bout finding "blinking signals"? Just try with a couple of connections on the board and see how it goes from there or does anybody has a better idea?

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    If it were me I would just sync them to the audio signal. Should be really easy since there are so many LED music controllers out there.

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    All the signals are far too fast. Even the once-per-frame stuff would blink at 60hz - essentially looking like always on. Getting ethernet-style blinkies would require processing power in addition to just leds.

    A "saving" led may be possible, one that would light up whenever the game is reading or writing a save.

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    I recommend doing what Axel suggested. There’s probably many guides out there to do such a thing.

    I have a mouse on my PC, that changes colors according to the beat of certain games. It goes crazy with DOOM Eternal.

    Another option would be using an LED hub.
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    Thanks guys. One step further!

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