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Thread: A manual section?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sonicwatcher6969
    I always thought that there should be a manuals page in the media section here, they wouldn't take up much space if they were in .PDF and uploading the console and hardware manuals would solve questions for newbies.

    They can take up a lot of space, PDF files are as big as the images that are put in them. With low resolution high compression JPG scans a PDF of a manual can be around 1 Megabyte, but if you want decent quality images for printing out then the file sizes can increase a hell of a lot.

    If the goal is to have manuals for every game online, and every region version of those manuals too, then thats going to take a great deal of web space, and bandwidth for people downloading them.

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    I would to love to see some manuals, especially of Chakan.

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