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Thread: Mega Games 4 & Mega Games 5,7,8,9

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    Default Mega Games 4 & Mega Games 5,7,8,9

    Ive been looking for these Multi Carts for a while and not untill recently ive come to the conclusion that they dont exist. In overall the Mega Games series is trecherous ground to travel. This is what i came up with from checking various auction sites and the web in general.

    (extract from a mail I sent)

    I was checking a new purchase when i noticed that some of the naming for the european mega games cartridges is a bit off. So i did some reaserch and this is what i came up with:

    Correct naming of mega games are:

    Mega Games 1
    Mega Games 2
    Mega Games 3

    The "3 in 1" isnt mentioned on the back or front of any of these titles, they are called mega games # plain and simple.

    There is no Mega Games 4 at all. Not by that title at least. There is however a collection called "Classic Collection" which is sometimes refered to as Mega games 4-1 Or 4 in 1. The correct title on display on both front and cover is "Classic Collection" though. There might be an american verion of this one, so you might have it listed under that name.

    There is no Mega Games 5 at all. (from what I can tell)

    Then we have Mega Games 6. There are actually 2 versions of this one, called "Mega Games 6 Vol 1" & "Mega Games 6 Vol 2". Some games are changed and the color of the cartridge differs between the versions.

    Finaly there is Mega Games 10 (which i think u have listed as Mega Classics 10). The correct name should be Mega Games 10 though.

    So...anyone out there to prove me wrong? Is there such a thing as Mega Games 4,5,7,8 and 9?
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    There seems to be a Mega GAmes 6 Vol 3 aswell. And it had som pretty good games in it:


    Ive also seen this listed on other sites so i suppose it exists.

    Update 2:

    The "mega games 10" was not released by Sega, but rather TecToy and only released in South America, Brazil.
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    in german exist just mega games 1,2,3
    all others here are unofficial copies

    for mega cd exists just the classic arcade collection

    i have a few pirate carts 4 in 1 ...

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    There was a 5 in 1 cart releaed by Tectoy, I think it had mostly sports games. So there was a Mega Games 5 in some sense.

    As much as I was fond of multicarts in the past, I'd rather have the individual carts nowadays.
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    I'm celebrating the 10th anniversary of this thread with this :

    dumped compilation roms ------

    Mega Games 1 (E) 1992
    Mega Games 2 (E) 1993
    Mega Games 3 (E) 1993
    Mega Games 4 (Classic Collection) (E) 1996
    Mega Games 5 (Sega Top Five) (B) 1997
    Mega Games 6 v1 (1 & 2) (E) 1995
    Mega Games 6 v2 (1 & 3) (E) 1995
    Mega Games 6 v3 (Mega 6) (E) 1995
    Mega Games 6-Pak (U) 1995
    Mega Games 10 (EB) 1997 (Brazil -released two times as Sega Top Ten & 10 Super Jogos- +Asia)

    Other multigame dumped carts:
    Sega Sports 1 (E) 1995
    Sonic Compilation (E) (REV00) 1994 same as:
    Sonic Classics aka Compilation (UE) (REV01) 1997
    Blockbuster World Video Game Championship II (U) 1995
    Disney Collection 1996 Castle of Illusion - Quackshot
    EA Double Header 1992 EA Hockey - Joe Montana Football

    not dumped (switch is made with the reset button, hence nobody has correctly dumped them?) :
    - 2 Games on One Cart: Fantastic Dizzy and Cosmic Spacehead 1994 (copies are all over ebay)
    - Double Hits: Micro Machines / Psycho Pinball 1996 (same thing)
    - Sport Games (Brazil) 1998 : dumped but reset switch not working: only first game playable

    I'm not counting both Arcade Classics carts because those games were unreleased for the system (and have never been released separately). Also Double Packs from Australia were actually two carts crammed in one clamshell, so they were not different from individual releases for that matter.
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    I have one of those Australian 2 cart packs here, with Bubsy and Jewel Master. The case is a larger size, pretty simular to a VHS case.

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