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Thread: Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants

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    Played this version for the first time over the weekend. The Nes version has larger sprites and a good rendition of the Simpsons theme song, but this one has better controls, so it gets the edge.

    I would nominate Bart's Nightmare as the best Simpsons game on the Genesis. My friend and I teamed up to beat that game last year and it was satisfying. It has a much more cohesive collection of mini games than Virtual Bart. Indiana Bart is my favorite. A patient, thinking man's stage. Sometimes I pop the game in just to have a round at that level.

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    When I was a kid I kinda enjoyed this one, although I had to play id with a walkthrough guide.

    As a teen, when I became a Simpsons fan, this was one of the last games I ever rented for my MD, before getting the PSX, and enjoyed it more as a fan than as a player.

    As an adult and roughly following The Simpsons after Season 12, I've found out this was not a game for kids. It requires patience and quick thinking, but the combination of annoying music and bad controls renders it a bunch of poorly executed good ideas. Krusty's Super Fun House is the best Simpsons' game in the MD.

    Since then, I played Simpsons Wrestling, quite funny, Hit & Run and The Simpsons' Game nice parodies of other games, and Tapped Out, competent casual game. And still think KSFH is the best of the bunch

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