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Thread: Clearout! MD / Saturn / DC & more!

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    Default Clearout! MD / Saturn / DC & more!

    Moving house soon and need to clear out a load of stuff quick. All prices include p&p in the UK. I have excellent feedback on eBay, and on several other message boards.

    I will accept Paypal or direct bank transfer only. Please PM if you want something. I will consider offers for bulk buys. I will be away in Brussels on Mon/Tues this week, but will get back to anyone who PMs me during that time asap.

    Saturn (JP)

    Motteke Yamago (mad multiplayer game, a bit like a cross between Bomberman and Flicky) with box & manual - 15
    Streetfighter Real Battle on Film - with box and manual, some stickers on case, light scratches to CD - 3
    Sonic R - with box & manual, good condition, 3
    Jungle Park Saturn Island - boxed with manual and posters, top hinge broken on case - 5

    Saturn (PAL)

    Mass Destruction - with box and manual - 5
    Sega Rally - with box and manual - 2
    Nights into Dreams box set (with 3D controller) - factory sealed - 45 including special delivery

    Dreamcast (PAL)

    Taxi 2 Le Jeu - (disc and manual in jewel case, some scratches to disc) -10
    F355 Challenge Passione Rossa - factory sealed, crack to back of case - 5

    Megadrive (PAL)

    Sega Multimega - with cables and with Sonic 2 (cart only) and Mickey Mania (disc in jewel case), plus NIB Sega Multitap, and three joypads. Console is tested and working perfectly with two of the pads. I haven't tested the other pad, just found it in the bottom of the cupboard. - All for 70 including special delivery

    Megalomania - boxed with manual, mint - 3

    NBA Jam T.E. - PAL box, US cart and manual (works on PAL consoles) - 3
    NBA Jam T.E. (PAL) - box and cart (ex rental) - 2
    EA Multitap (boxed & complete) - 6
    Sega Multitap (brand new & unopened) - 10
    Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego (Special Edition Box Set with Almanac) - 40
    Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego (Special Edition Box Set with Encyclopaedia) - 40
    Super Thunder Blade, 688 Attack Sub, Menacer Cart (all boxed with manuals) - 5 for all three

    Megadrive (JP / other)

    Sonic 1 (Asian pirate) - Box and cart - 2
    Pirate 8in1 (Columns, Tetris, Alex Kidd, Super Volley Ball, Soccer, King of Peacock, Rambo III, Trampoline Terror) - cart only - 15
    Nitro 2 Adapter (boxed with instruction card) - 25


    Hornet Gamepad (PC) - 5
    Dragon Quest - The Journey of the Cursed King (PAL PS2, Platinum version, factory sealed) - 7

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    PM send.

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