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    Thumbs up VectorMan 2

    So we've talked to a few of his creators, and we've reviewed his first adventure. Is that it? Not at all! VectorMan still has a few things to do, so join us in our full review of the spectacular sequel, VectorMan 2!
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    I finally see the appeal of Vectorman 2! I love this game now!

    It becomes a classic after the 3rd level (climbing trees), I enjoyed every sec of it.

    Better than VM 1.


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    how the hell does this thread have almost no comments!? this is great game that really should be talked a bit more often.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pro21xx View Post
    how the hell does this thread have almost no comments!? this is great game that really should be talked a bit more often.
    the forum crash lost most of the responses in this thread

    V2 is very good, not quite as "polished" as V1, but still pretty good.

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    I've always liked this one better than VM1. The levels have a lot of ambiance to them and the graphics are pretty impressive. The music is a bit of a step back from the first game. The best part is the improved power ups. They actually give you different weapons rather than variations of the standard ball gun. Probably the last really good game to come out for the Genny. Why did it not get a European release?
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    Played this before the first one. Not bad and the levels have more variety. In addition to the levels with lots of vertical space for double jumping, I liked the rollerblading levels and the ones filled with blocks to destroy. Problem is with the blocks the sound effects of constantly shooting and the blocks exploding is annoying. I'm also not a fan of the tank levels.

    Liked the bosses which I found usually fun to fight although the last one gets kinda boring toward the end. I think I also find the regular enemies more interesting than the first game. The graphics on some of the brightly lit levels like the volcano level were really nice.

    Overall though it's hard for me to say whether Vectorman 1 or 2 is better. The control scheme as far as I remember is exactly the same and Vectorman controls the same except for the temporary morph powerups some of which are based on animals. Again like the last game you don't really need to use any morph powerups. The only real difference is in the levels themselves. I think it really ends up to being personal preference as to which levels you prefer since in all other aspects I find the games pretty even.

    Not that it matters much but Vectorman games have crappy endings. This second game's ending was even crappier...the first time I beat the game, I wasn't even sure if that was a real ending.

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