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Thread: Earthworm Jim Special Edition

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    Default Earthworm Jim Special Edition

    We have a new review up about the Slimy One's only adventure on the Sega CD! Take a look at one of the best reasons to own Sega's ill-fated add-on in our full review!

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    I got this game recently for my Mega CD in nearly mint condition. It wasn't particularly cheap but I love Earthworm Jim on the Mega Drive so I had to see what the Special Edition version on CD was all about. Wow! I can safely say that it fucking rocks and is one of my fave games on the system! The revamped music is fantastic (the music to the level What the Heck?! is one of my all time favourite game tracks!) and I really enjoyed learning new paths through familiar levels and really loved exploring the all new level. The new password system is very welcome in a game of this size especially considering how tough it gets later on. Earthworm Jim on the Mega Drive was always one of my favourite platform games on the system but on the Mega CD it's even better!

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    Earthworm Jim was a game I remember seeing in magazines in 1994 and getting really hyped up about. I loved shows like Ren & Stimpy, Rocko's Modern Life and games like Global Gladiators and Aladdin. You'd think this would be right up my alley and you'd be right. The only problem was I never managed to get a copy at the time and it wasn't until much later that I played it on Mega Drive and I didn't really enjoy it.

    I wanted to give it another chance so I got the Win95 version which has the same content as the Mega CD version and just finished it last night. My opinion hasn't really changed. I love the concept, the character designs and the animations. Doug TenNapel is a fantastic artist. The soundtrack is excellent and many of the ideas for levels are great such as travelling through Hell while getting attacked by lawyers and listening to elevator music. The problem is the levels themselves are mostly just gimmicks. What the Heck? and Intestinal Distress both have the same confusing design and the latter ends with what is a very cheap boss fight unless you know how to cheese it. The same is true of the boss in Level 5. Having a bungee jump fight is fun the first time but not for three rounds. The same is true of the Psycrow race which would be better as an optional (and preferably rewarding) bonus stage. The enemies look great but most of them are just irritating like the muscular cats in Down the Tubes and the U.F.O.s in For Pete's Sake. Buttville is probably the worst level in the game and the final boss is disappointingly simple. I get that part of the tone of the game is to troll the player but it does so at expense of the gameplay. The extra level in this game is also one of the worst overall so SNES players didn't miss out at all.

    I think I would have been fonder of this game had I played it at the time and I do credit it as one of the more important and influential games of the generation but I'd not include it among the best overall. I'm not one of these people that gets a kick out of being contrary either I really wanted to like this. I am going to give the sequel a shot because I never played that either and I understand it is a more refined and better designed game overall.

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