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Thread: Fatal Labyrinth

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    Yeah make a you tube video of all the gamers spitting, kicking, wrapping it around barbed wire and cursing it. That would be so jawsum!

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    I'm thinking more like getting people to do a Roundtable-type thing, but about bad games. I'll present it like an editorial.

    Zeebe did a similar thing for multiplayer games I think like two years ago. I'm making an official thread soon.

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    Now what set me off so much is how the food works. If you eat too little, you die. If you eat too much, you become a fat slob and walk REEEEEEEALY SLOOOOOOOW, so slow that you can barely attack, and may as well just quit (Quitting may seem like a bad thing, but you’ll be wanting an excuse to stop playing this). The thing is, you can never know exactly how much is too much, as it always seems to be as random as the levels themselves, making things a lot more harder than they should be.
    More than 80 is too much, each piece of meat gives you 20, don't eat one if you're above 59 or 60.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aarzak View Post
    Probably because if you're going to beat this game, you'll do it in one sitting, which is quite possible. Not all RPG's are meant to be time consuming storytellers.

    The graphics and sound might not be top notch(games like this were often played in ascii graphics, with much more to worry about that hunger), but the gameplay is there. I'd give it a 7 at worst.

    Lure enemies into corridors if you don't want to get swamped, and look for hidden passages with the A button. That's all one needs to know to be able to survive.

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