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Thread: Quackshot Starring Donald Duck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benjamin View Post
    Yeah, I think the soundtrack is quite good with just a couple of sour notes. I think that's mostly due to the arrangement not playing to the sound chip's strengths when it starts trying to bring in horns, cymbals, and other loud wind or atmospheric sounds. That hideout theme is pretty bad and a sad way to go out, but I can hum most levels' songs from memory. It's definitely one of the system's better games.
    you said it best but I loved the music especially the hideout theme

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    Quackshot is a very high quality game and was a perfect use of the Disney license by Sega. It's also pretty damn hard, and those people expecting it to be a walk in the park, similar to World of Illusion, are in for a shock.

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    I wonder which is considered to be harder - Castle Of Illusion or QuackShot? For me, Castle is harder.
    Honestly I never even finished the last level (yet). But that might very well be because I haven't played
    a lot of Castle back in the day, and played QuackShot over the years LOTS.

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