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Thread: Super Hang-On

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    Quote Originally Posted by MY99 View Post
    Sometime later I came across that password which supposedly showed you the ending. I figured I'd never get the steam up again to triumph in Original mode, so tried the password for the hell of it. All that happens is that your rival says "You're the king now" in his text box, then it goes back to Sega screen. Was there meant to be any more to the ending than that?
    (Apologies for quoting myself.) Having found some Youtube videos of someone doing a complete runthrough of Original Mode, it turns out that this is indeed the case: there is no ending!

    A bit of a swizz, but I suppose what matters is that they went to the effort of creating a whole original mode in the first place. That's one of those things that's always been great about Sega. Crazy Box FTW...

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    This game was one of the four I first got with my MD. By 1992-93 standards was still an excellent arcade game both technical and playability-wise. Full of action, with responsive controls, good graphics (always loved the fading effect when entering a new stage in the Arcade Mode), catchy music (Sprinter was my fav piece back then. Now, I've taken a liking to Outride A Crisis) an Original Mode I've learnt to appreciate over the ages and a sense of fun that extended to the instruction booklet, with its colorful manga-like rivals and sponsors (ESPECIALLY the sponsors. Some of them were hilarious).

    Still a romp after this years, I still hate that Bird Bird billboard I always crash into.

    As Ricardo Montoya said: "Top condition!"

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    Really great game. After further research, I wasn't aware that the port of the arcade was a big deal then considering many games from the arcade had trouble being ported onto the console.

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