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    Not known for its huge array of RPGs, the Sega CD was practically an afterthought in the minds of gamers by the time Dungeon Explorer was released. By then, the Saturn and Playstation was dominating the press and many games slipped to the cracks into obscurity (see Ristar & Gunstar Heroes ). The fact that DE was a Gauntlet clone and a port of a Turbo Grafx game did little to help it catch the market's attention, and the game was promptly forgotten. I myself was a bit skeptical of it until I snagged a copy for about $6. Once I played it, my opinion quickly changed.

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    I just started playing this game today and must say that it's not a bad game at all. I don't like how complicated and overly long the dungeons are and the game feels a bit linear and it's not a great single player game either but there's a lot of fun to be had here with a few people. The TG16 still owns this version though with its superior soundtrack.
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