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With all due respect to the awesome job done by the developer, I think another point is that Final Fight was really a game somewhat tailored to some of the MCD strengths. The characters use minimal animation, there's really not too many different characters (most are simple pallette or head swaps). The backgrounds are completely unanimated.
There's some wonderful animation on the main characters, especially their walking motions. You also had on the Mega CD version of EarthWorth Jim which won awards for its animation and thanks to the Mega CD you get a better version of the game.
Given that we already had Stider on the Mega Drive, its a shame SEGA didn't look to go back to it and make an improved Mega CD version.

I also don't mean SEGA should have done that for every CPS or MD game, but Strider is so iconic to this very day and the MD version was incredible, very much like its box art