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Thread: NBA All-Star Challenge

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    WTF NBA All-Star Challenge

    Today's basketball releases incorporate the all-star game and events within their meaty option menus, and gamers have come to expect such treatment with each yearly installment. During the 16-bit era, however, such luxuries were not available, and gamers had to look for other ways to get their all-star groove on. Unfortunately, Flying Edge decided to remedy this and offer up a compilation of events in NBA All-Star Challenge. It sports a three-point shootout, free throw contest, and even a one-on-one competition. Hey, it even has Michael Jordan! So why then, is it so bad? Well, you'll have to read our full review to find out!
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    and it was awful, easily the worst basketball game I have played

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    Quote Originally Posted by knicksfan89
    it does need to be left WELL alone easily the worst basketball game I\'ve played and it even features my idol larry bird and I think patrick ewing as well but 2 is generous. I bet you gave it 2 because of MJ
    You know I almost gave it a 1/10 but there are a few other games that I liked less than this on the Genesis (Formula One, Supreme Warrior) so I gave this a 2. I however didn't give this a 2 because MJ was in it.

    I am actually waiting for Alex Burr to chime in and give his input on this game since he's The Sports Guy!
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