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Thread: Reviews Discussion: Patterns & Styles

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    If youre talking like that,why are youre reviewing for,With Kicking a title down and Underrate it for the overall gamer there no appeal for the review,they read a worth or maybe just scroll down directly to youre rate and there arent going to read it,I know i cant type that good english but you understand me right,okay then maybe my review(in english)looks sloppy but stays positive and does not fade halfways like youre not counting graphics and sound which is not relevant,They are in the game so why shouldnt you include them.Since youre writing much reviews but you dont include graphics,Lets say okay the Gameplay is the hart of a game but Graphics and Sound increase appeal,plus taste ehy.BTW was i pissing you our do you just have no sense of Humor or are you the strikt reviewer who cant have critic on youre mind,Like if i am wandering if metal head is fun,and im reading youre review,I maybe wouldnt buy it but for me youre review is not convinsing since youre halfway fading down and dont see graphics and sound as a isseu,I emulated that game and the gameplay is Damn simpel for me,I like the game and theres nothing that you can do about it,Dont you respect uppinions or something,I gave you the benefit of the doubt(which i have to)You have youre uppinion while i have mine,And you dont like the fact that im into metal head and youre review is obviously nothing for me.FY [/quote]

    People are entitled to thier own opinions. If you enjoyed WoF, good for you.

    I think that my review did an ok job at breaking down the overall poor quality of the gameplay. As I said before, the review was actually written for a contest that involved brevity which is the main reason for the absence of graphic/sound analysis. However, if that had not been the case, I wouldn't have mentioned them because they are so humdrum.

    I don't care what games you like or not, it' the fact that you use a rather silly way of rating games. Would you give a poor game a six because it had nice visuals? No. If you did then you shouldn't consider going into reviewing because that's the wrong approach to take, although it's the most common approach on the internet.

    I haven't even played Metal Head so I don't have an opinion on it and I never bashed yours. What I was talking about was your silly approach to reviewing games but you failed to see what I was talking about.

    Basically, take into account what Drixxel and Obviously said.

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    Oke then,But i like the graphics and the gameplay is fine the sound is obiously,maybe it is a typically mech game weve already seen but not on 32x,maybe i was blinded by its visuals after playing nfl 96 or motocross,im just not used to such graphics on 32x,Let say if the game came out on genesis with downscaled graphics but still impressive for genesis ,i would have bought it for my collection and for its capabilitys,And btw why does sonic 3d gets a 6 for its graphics mostly,The graphics are supperb,So graphics are counted in some reviews,But like Doom looks great sounds shit plays shit on 32x.Then i give it a 4,but a 2 is very very low and you know metal head is better then doom,because the gameplay is decent graphics are okay music is good,I think the Funfactor rams it down,the levels look boring and youre mech is slow.Maybe a 5 decent,Higly a 4 because Graphics and sound,offcourse they count Like i sead if they werent important at all then go play youre Atari 2600 Graphics and sound are a isseu,like i give you an example

    If you make a test or examine You know everything about i,You write all the good answers on paper,But the teacher cant read it because you mest upp youre writing,She says you write very ugly,(Graphics)then you say i learned it,Okay say me the answers then,you say em(sound)and they sound Decent,But you didnt handle clean(gameplay)so Thanx to the sound and decent play and worse writing you get a six,So you got only the sound to defend you,Does matter.And if you write pretty Play it good,the the sound deserves you and you get a high rate,What im saying they all depend on eachother.

    Like my rate for metal head


    Total 21: 4 is 5,25,average. Metal head isnt something to spend houres of playing to,just something to add to the 32x collection and buy it for lesser then 5 euros.Hey Hey Hey i wasnt judging youre review but the review isnt for me because i rate metal head Higher then you,but thats an uppinion so is youre review.No Probe sinds it are uppinions i read youre review it was writed the good way but only the wrong game if you ask me.Still i agree that metal head isnt a after burner complete or nkuckles ghaotix,nothing to be a wake for,nothing special,maybe it is because i got the game for 50cents back in 96

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