This forum is for everyone to share all the great deals you find online and in brick and mortar stores. To avoid confusion, and to ensure that everyone gets all the correct information about deals being posted, please take a minute to read through these guidelines.

No Unlawful or Highly Questionable Tactics - If the deal involves breaking the law, it will be removed and you will be warned. These deals can be clever and take advantage of advantageous loopholes, as long as no laws are broken and you aren't making an express invitation to theft. If you are taking advantage of employees, misleading cashiers, exploiting a company discount or returning goods to a store from which they weren't purchased: please don't post it here. Use your best judgment, and if you are unsure, ask a moderator or an admin.

Give Credit Where Credit is Due - If you got a deal from a different website, forum, newsletter, or simply didn't find it on your own, site your source. People work very hard to find these deals and should be given credit for saving so many people so much money. Also, please provide links to the source and the deals whenever possible. Feel free to post deals you find anywhere, just don't misrepresent yourself and the deal you are posting. Lastly, say thank you when people post good deals. Nothing is more disheartening than posting a deal and having many people view it with no responses.

Keep Your Posted Deals Updated - If a deal you have posted dies, whether you find out yourself or somebody alerts you to the end of the deal, please note that the deal is dead in the thread title ("Deal Dead: Thread Title"). Also, please update lists, deal specifics or any other pertinent information whenever possible. You are responsible for the deals you post, so maybe it is a good idea to subscribe to the threads you create in this forum. However you go about, please update your deals.

Before Posting a Deal, Request or Otherwise, use the SEARCH Function - There will be NO duplicate threads in the Deals & Steals forum. Please, to make the forum easier to moderate and to read, use the search function and use it liberally. If you don't find the deal you are looking for, or are going to post, only then should you create a thread. Nothing will make this forum more annoying than multiple dupe threads for the same deal.

Please Provide as Much Information as Possible - In the thread title and in the initial post, provide all the specifics a person would need to be able to get that deal. If people have to ask you questions such as:

"Is this online or in-store?" or "For what system?" or "How Much is shipping?"

You may not have included enough information. If you provide a link to the deal that helps, but please provide as much info as possible so people don't have to go hunting only to find it isn't for them.

Now have fun and save some money!

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