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Thread: Applying for a job

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    good luck man I've been looking for ajob for a few months (out of necessity as I hate work but debts need to be paid)

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    Quote Originally Posted by nathanallan View Post
    Best Buy, don't go in there at all for a job, they're policies I have heard of lately are draconian.
    Heh, "lately".

    To be truthful I probably wasn't this stores best employee.

    I was helpful and knowledgeable to the best of my abilities when it came to customers...

    But I didn't sell service plans

    or media storage
    or accessories
    or walkman/keyboard/karaoke machines/whatever else they dumped in out department in an effort to make it more "sales orientated".

    Pretty much all I did was help people find CD's, and tell people to buy anamorphic DVD's so they wouldn't have to buy their movies again when widescreen TV's became popular (which they did).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phantar View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Man-Fish View Post
    I take it that it's a small business and you're a regular there? If you are friendly with the people who work there then it wouldn't hurt to ask if they need any help around there, something like that.
    I'm going to attempt to put a resume in today!

    Quote Originally Posted by TheEdge View Post
    If you want to do the whole retail thing you can but be warned if you get a bad manager you will want to quit within the first week. When I worked at KB toys it probably was the best job I ever had because the manager was a really good person.

    Do you have a Drivers License? I used to be a Valet and parking cars all day is not too bad of a job and the tips are great. You can fund yourself working only 3 days a week.

    Go to college Monday thru thursday and work Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
    I could have a drivers license if I was living in certain other provinces or states, but I have to wait another year before I can even get my "New Drivers" License. But when I get my drivers license I'll be sure to consider this option.

    Quote Originally Posted by Metal_Sonic View Post
    I'm useless for job advice but good luck to you 16-bit, it's tough out there looking for a job.
    In Canada the recession isn't as bad as it is in the states, I just hope it gets better down there soon because I'm wanting to move to Arizona to be closer to my extended family while I'm going to school.

    Quote Originally Posted by nathanallan View Post
    I'd say go with the theater job...
    ...Best Buy, don't go in there at all for a job, they're policies I have heard of lately are draconian.

    I've been hearing that about best buy...

    Quote Originally Posted by Kiba in Exile View Post
    Best job I ever heard of was spending the fall and winter as a caretaker of a wealthy man's private island mansion, and the spring and summer as his professional yacht captain. I wasn't qualified, but if you're a retired cruise ship or navy officer, preferably with combat experience...

    Quote Originally Posted by Tanegashima View Post
    What company do you work for? I did night crew for 3-4 years. I loved it. No fucking customers to deal with.

    Though there was a good share of burnout drunks, druggies and losers as co-workers.

    The best part was the 8-15 hours of over-time a week. Plus the extra money for working over-night.

    But retails does indeed suck ass. I thought working in a gunstore would be a dream come true. A lot of it is fun...but some of the customers are total douches/total morons.
    I have a friend that works at the grocery store here, he says there only hiring for day shifts.

    Anyways after reading the responses here I'm putting my resume in for the Theatre and the local game store where I shop regularly.

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    I worked at a grocery store, and it was pretty good. I worked in Fast Food before that and it was dreadful... but meh.

    I didnt mind working mornings at the grocery store. After work quite a few times, I'd be fucking exhausted but satisfied with what I have completed.
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