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Thread: Laptop issues (Dell)

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    Good times I'm sure.

    As for your problem maybe get a charger so you can plug it into the mains. They're cheap enough.

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    Could also be the voltage regulation section of the motherboard. This can effect charging and can require a complete motherboard swap. Assuming the battery is bad its hard to test. Many notebooks will not run off AC power without a working battery installed. Test your charger and make sure it puts out what it says.

    That said there is nothing wrong with Dell. Sony for example makes batteries and has had lots of recalls due to overheating and possible fire hazards. So you don't have a Sony right? Well Sony makes batteries for almost everyone. Apple, Dell, HP you name it so the battery may nothing to do with Dell. One good thing I can say about Dell is their warranty options can be better than most others.

    Buy a notebook on the model, not the make. There are hundreds of models out there and no one brand has a perfect line. Asus (for example) may have lots of shitty models and they may have lots of great models too. You can't judge a notebook by the name on the lid. Generally Lenovo, Toshiba and Apple make some of the best notebooks but once again that doesn't mean they are all good models either. Even Lenovo and Toshiba have lemons!

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    The charger works fine, it's the bit it plugs into that's all fucky. I'm too tired to explain it all properly but it's weird.

    The PB model I was looking at has had some decent reviews. I'll have a fiddle with a few next time I'm at the computer store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 17daysolderthannes View Post
    Step 1: throw away Dell.

    Step 2: buy a Mac, they're all good.

    Step 3: tell Mac haters to STFU and go fuck themselves because they apparently haven't used one enough to know how much better they are.

    Step 4: buy an iPhone because...why not?

    Step 5: tell those same haters to STFU again

    Step 6: enjoy the best 2 devices ever to grace the surface of the earth and bask in their ability to work without fucking up every 5 minutes.

    Step 7: if Mac haters still won't STFU, remind them of what a piece of shit both of your Dell computers were.
    Ok, I sense the sarcasm, but that's a double sided coin I'll have to flip as fair game;

    Why would people honestly hate Macbooks?
    It's mostly the exact same ODM derived x86 hardware. Just being branded and sold at a ridiculous 15-20% higher premium.

    No, Nobody should hate Macs, but they should hate 'Apple' for ass-fucking the average consumer until they become stupid enough to believe their shoddy candy coated software is safe, secure and functional enough to warrant elitist ideology.

    Mac's attempt to be 'Cool' whereas they're cutting more corners at a premium compared to most. The Pro lineup for instance uses 6-bit color displays w/dithering to mask it, certainly not 'Professional' and they effectively low-level killed the SATA bus transfer rate. Need I even mention the lack of firewire on some models?

    The only thing I respect from Mac's are their uncanny ability to retain value in the aftermarket, as a hardware enthusiast I like that option, and as someone who sees Apple 'as they really are', I can also appreciate how it's slowed down their adoption rate.

    By the sounds of it, I think you need an enema. Your logic 'stinks' and you're internally up to your ears in shit.

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