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Thread: Is this a good price for a GG?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strider View Post

    I bet the seller just spray painted it and slapped on $69.95 for it!

    On topic. Well i don't know TC, i got about 3 Gamegears back in christmas 04 and only 1 of them had sound and good screen, although the power socket was funky. Got another in 05. Perfect sound and screen and lately the screen has gone only halfway bright, must be the caps drying up. But the sound still works thankfully and that gamegear that had everything working on it back in 04 had lost it's sound aswell as the screen going dark.

    These things while really good, just have very poor reliability especially when alot of them are now approaching 15-20 years. The screen darkens and the sound gets shot. It's a shame Sega cheaped out on the caps because they could have had a much longer lifespan and those inexperienced with repairing electronics will just chuck those Gamegears when they simply needed cap replacements.

    I mean god damn! Up to this very day i am STILL waiting on a company that will produce a GG clone WITH a cart slot (not those stupid playpal ones with 20 built in yadda yadda). Look how many Megadrive, SNES and NES clones were produced and STILL none have stepped up to offer a GG clone with a much higher quality TFT screen, rechargable batteries and dual speakers!

    While the original GG's are collectable items, i just don't have big faith in them for normal use anymore. I don't want a handheld that sucks my batteries dry in 5 hours and being stuck to a wall socket. I got about 15-20 games for it going unused, i want to play my GG games dammit!

    Sorry for a rantish post lol.

    *Continues on waiting for GG clone with cart slot, TFT screen, rechargable batteries and dual speakers*...

    But seriously to cut your answer short TC, i think it is quite a good deal especially when it's boxed with all those games you are getting for it. Just don't expect it to last very long until it requires repairing, thats all.
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