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Genesis Reviews

NHL ’96

The NHL playoffs are in full swing, so what better way to keep the mood alive than by taking a look at one of the best hockey games ever made? EA’s NHL ’96 refined everything that made previous installments so popular, and in turn it became perhaps the best in the series, something hard to do after the stellar ’94 edition.

Sega CD Reviews

NHL ’94 (CD)

Electronic Arts’ NHL series is highly revered by gamers, and given the longevity it has seen (rivaled only by that of EA’s other juggernaut, the Madden games), something is obviously right with the series. Nowhere was this more apparent than in the 1994 edition of the franchise, which turned out to be the only game in the series to receive a Sega CD version. In 1994, Sports fans needed no other reason to reconsider a purchase of the add-on once this baby was released.

Genesis Reviews

Bill Walsh College Football

Bill Walsh passed away last year at age at seventy-five, leaving behind three Super Bowl victories and two college bowl championships at Standford University. Quite the Hall of Fame career, one would think, but as impressive as coaching Joe Montana to three rings may be, it pales in comparison to having your own Genesis game! Electronic Arts immortalized Walsh in gaming with the stellar and imaginatively named Bill Walsh College Football for multiple consoles.

Genesis Reviews

MLBPA Baseball

To celebrate America’s national pastime, we’ve got a full review of EA’s MLBPA Baseball for the Genesis. In a sea of competition, how does it hold up to its rivals, including Sega’s own stellar World Series Baseball? Well, you’ll just have to read the review and see! Remember to leave your steroids at the door!

Genesis Reviews

Normy’s Beach Babe-O-Rama

Just hanging out at the beach can be a death-defying challenge when video games are involved. Seriously, don’t these guys ever get a day off? Apparently not. Nothing could seemingly be better than spending a day of surf and sunshine with six hot babes, unless it includes alien abductions, time travel, and toxic waste. Normy’s Beach Babe-O-Rama tells the tale of one man’s quest to save the most important thing imaginable: scantily-clad women. Oh yeah, and the environment too… I guess.