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Ah, Road Blasters. Many an hour was spent by yours truly playing the NES version of this game years ago. The adrenaline-pumping speed and addictive gameplay made it something that I couldn’t stop playing. Now, a decade later, as I play the Genesis version of the game, I can say that the game is just as fun to play now as it was then.

Genesis Reviews

Two Crude Dudes

Data East offered many games to the Genesis library, and among the best of them was Two Crude Dudes. An arcade port, the Genny version manages to maintain all the fun and humor of the original, without losing much of its game play in the transition to console.

Genesis Reviews

Decap Attack

Halloween 1991 saw the release of a pretty unique title called Decap attack. Originally released in Japan as “Magical Flying Hat Turbo Adventure” (which was based on a cartoon), Sega made some changes and instead gave the game a spooky theme. Why? Who cares? The game is different and tremendous fun.