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Dreamcast Reviews

Cannon Spike

Despite its simple premise and short duration, Cannon Spike is a Dreamcast favorite. It combined frantic bullet action with large bosses to give players a quick burst of adrenaline. The high is a short one, but it’s definitely one worth pursuing, especially with a second player along.

Dreamcast Reviews


Visual Concepts took its ground-breaking NBA 2K game and retooled it for the following season, adding online play and a new Street Mode. The result was the finest basketball game available at the time, and a contender seemingly able to take on anything EA or other publishers had to offer.

Dreamcast Reviews


One Dreamcast title that North American owners wanted but never got was Headhunter, which looked to offer sleek and Metal Gear-like gameplay. A European exclusive, it made for an engaging action title that combined action and stealth with a bit of a Blade Runner vibe. It’s one that’s worth the asking price and a game everyone should track down.