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The 16-bit era distinguishes itself for having produced some amazing platformers, and a lot of those were really, really hard. Some weren’t as amazing, but they sure did get the “hard” part right. Mentrix’s Warnder was one such title, and while it was quite faithful to the arcade original, most players remember it for being brutally difficult.

Genesis Reviews

Caliber .50

War games are supposed to be fun, action-packed, and adrenaline pumping. Pick any of those, divide it by two, and you still have more to offer than Caliber .50. When you find yourself staring at the screen in anger yelling “MOVE, DAMN YOU!” there’s obviously something unRambo-like about the main character.

Genesis Reviews

Championship Bowling

With all the great sports games on the Genesis, it’s easy to overlook a game like Championship Bowling. Not really considered a system-seller, most people would just pass over it on the shelf. Those who do so would be missing out on a competent little title that offers some simple fun for up to four players. Just about every console has had a bowling game and for good reason.