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Genesis Reviews

King’s Bounty

Electronic Arts and New World Computing released ports of some complex and often brutally difficult PC games for the Genesis, and among their offerings was King’s Bounty. Though visually simple, give it some time and you’ll find that what it lacks in presentation it more than makes up for in depth and exploration. Some consider it to be among the best examples of the genre on the Genesis, despite the difficulty and massive password (something thankfully remedied by save states). Is it deserving of such praise?

Genesis Reviews

Might & Magic: Gates to Another World

When most people think of RPGs, they don’t think of the Genesis. That’s unfortunate, as the console boasts a great library of quality titles (almost as many as it has shmups!). When you’re done with the Phantasy Stars and Shining titles, there’s another game awaiting your attention. Nowhere near as pretty or manageable as those games but boasting a quest almost three times the size, Might & Magic: Gates to Another World is the one Genesis RPG that will make you humble. Trust us, any game with a 169-page instruction manual is one that doesn’t pull its punches.