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Genesis Reviews

Death Duel

Long before there was Mortal Kombat, Razorsoft had the violent game market cornered on the Genesis. Death Duel is among the games it released that somehow made it past censors, and while it’s never horrific in its gore, there certainly is a lot of blood to go around. And it’s fun to boot!

Genesis Reviews


The Genesis is no stranger to controversy, especially where violent content is concerned. The current ratings system employed by the gaming industry is in very large part thanks to the initiative Sega took to identify the content of games released on its hardware. Titles like Night Trap and Mortal Kombat made huge waves in the press, but a few other equally violent games were almost completely ignored. One of those, TechnoCop, was probably given the cold shoulder due to one simple fact: it’s not very good. When you wrap dull gameplay in bad graphics and audio, the resulting package isn’t worthy of much notice.