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Puzzle and Action: Ichidant-R

Looking for an calm and relaxing way to kick off your week? How about starting off with our review of the Mega Drive puzzle game Puzzle & Action: Inchidant-R? If you’ve read our write up of the first game, then you know that these little gems are not to be missed! The language barrier isn’t much of a problem, and they’re not all that expensive in the wild.

Genesis Reviews

Puzzle and Action: Tant-R

Like puzzle games? How about obscure titles never released outside of Japan? Until it made an appearance on the Sega Classics Collection, Puzzle & Action: Tant-R never ventured from the shores of its native land. Thankfully, it’s not a real problem if you don’t know the language, and it’s odd that Sega left this quirky little puzzler across the pond. Simple, fun, and full of charm, Tant-R is a game you might want to check out.