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Panzer Dragoon Saga

Perhaps the most coveted of Saturn games, Panzer Dragoon Saga is an RPG that people desperately hope will one day be remastered. It’s short and extraordinarily expensive, but oh what a wonderful experience it is. If you want to see the Saturn at its best, this is the game you need to play.

Saturn Reviews

mr. Bones

Blending platform action with the undead and a rockin’ soundtrack might not sound like the kind of things games are made of, but mr. Bones gave it one hell of a try. It’s not a game for everyone, to be sure. Stick with it a while though, and you just might find a decent title for your Saturn.

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Saturn Bomberman

Hudson’s 32-bit Bomberman remains the defining entry in the franchise and perhaps the best multi-player game on the Saturn. It’s reason enough to own more than one multi-tap and as many controllers as you can find. If you’re looking for the ultimate Saturn party or tournament game, this is it.