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Sonic Adventure

After an absence on the Saturn, Sonic returned on the Dreamcast with a new platform adventure. It was hailed and welcomed by many at the time, but the Blue Blur still had a lot of adjusting to do in the third dimension. A disjointed plot and a problematic camera keep Sonic’s first proper 3D outing from being a true classic.

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Christmas NiGHTS Sampler

Saturn owners have a tradition that has not failed since 1996. Each Christmas, it’s time to break out the Christmas NiGHTS sampler and play through it! An amazing giveaway from Sega that was bundled with magazines, the disc is loaded with enough great content to keep players busy for hours. A merry Christmas indeed!

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Burning Rangers

One of the final Saturn releases was also one of its most original. Taking the action genre in a a new direction, Sonic Team had players take the role of a futuristic rescue team in a game that pushed Sega’s 32-bit hardware to its limit. Burning Rangers is both a technological achievement and a lot of fun.

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NiGHTS Into Dreams

Sonic Team deviated from its work on Sega’s mascot to create a truly original and breathtaking adventure. NiGHTS Into Dreams was a wonderful and captivating title that took elements of different genres and molded them into something unique. It overflows with that classic Sonic Team charm, and every Saturn owners needs to own a copy.

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Sonic Jam

Sonic is making waves again, and 2008 might just be the year when Sega finally gets the old formula right. It’s been almost ten years since the famous hedgehog made the jump to the third dimension permanently, and it’s been a shaky road to this day. It wasn’t his first foray into 3D though, as two years before Sonic Adventure was released gamers were treated to a taste of what was to come with the Sonic World mode of Sonic Jam for the Sega Saturn. A compilation of all his 16-bit outings (sans Sonic 3D Blast), the game also boasted a fully 3D world that could be explored. It was mostly just a cool way to travel between different game options, but it set the precedent for Sonic’s evolution.