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Sega CD Reviews

Lunar: The Silver Star

If ever there was a reason to buy a Sega CD, Lunar: The Silver Star was it. Although remade masterfully for the Playstation, the Sega CD version was a stunning RPG for its time and something that owners of the system could smirk about when their friends came over. This was why they had spent all that money. This was the reward for their months of suffering at the hands of poor FMV games and lackluster ports. This was the ├╝ber adventure they had waited so eagerly for and it was good, damn good.

Sega CD Reviews

Popful Mail

In 1994, Falcom and Working Designs brought forth one of the best reasons to own a Sega CD. Popful Mail’s combination of great gameplay, crisp visuals, and wonderful cut scenes produced an action/RPG classic, and it’s a game all of the system’s owners should have in their libraries.