Author: Adam King

Genesis Reviews

Batman Returns

Few icons have had as storied a history in video games as Batman. From a few bona fide classics to some real stinkers, the Dark Knight has a ton of releases under his utility belt. One of the more controversial titles was Batman Returns, based on the second film. Many debate its quality to this day, and we’ve a review to help you fence-sitters make up your mind. Hey, don’t say we never did anything for ya!

Genesis Reviews

NHL ’94

Hockey season is right around the corner, and sports fans know that this was one area in which the Genesis was truly untouchable. For all you fans of the ice out there, we have a review of NHL ’94. Read it. Enjoy it. Just try not paint your chest afterward….please.

Genesis Reviews

Mortal Kombat II

Fighting is fun. There’s nothing quite like beating the crap out of someone, and capping it off by ripping out their spine or lopping off their head. Am I serious? Of course not! We’re all best when we leave our violent tendencies to the digital realm, and that’s where games like Mortal Kombat II come in.