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Genesis Reviews

Daffy Duck in Hollywood

The Looney Toons have been a part of popular culture for more than half a century, and they of course made their presence felt on the Genesis. Several games were released, starring Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, Sylvester & Tweety, and Daffy Duck. Of all of them though, poor Daffy was the only one who’s game never saw an American release. Why? It’s not known, but game quality couldn’t have been an issue, as Daffy Duck in Hollywood isn’t any less mediocre than the other games in the franchise. Read our full review, and remember that you don’t have to wait until rabbit season to play this one.

Features, Stories from the Book of Genesis

Stories from the Book of Genesis Vol. 35

Everyone remembers when they got their first Genesis. Those memories remain for a lifetime, and many gamers can attribute Sega’s 16-bit wonder to having started them down the path to serious gaming. In fact, the Genesis continues to inspire new generations of gamers today who will undoubtedly remember the first time they booted up classics like Sonic The Hedgehog or Revenge of Shinobi. Staff writer Christian Matozzo shares his early experiences with the Genesis in the latest installment of our Stories from the Book of Genesis series.

Game Gear Reviews

Chicago Syndicate

Sega’s Eternal Champions is one of the more controversial fighting series out there. Most people tend to either love it or hate it, and the debate only gets stronger as time goes by. The majority during the 16-bit era seems to have been on the side of the game, as Sega made a strong push to promote it and its characters. There was plenty of merchandising, and even some spin-offs, so the franchise was obviously selling. That being said, not everything with the series moniker was quality, as evidenced by the atrocious Game Gear side-scroller Chicago Syndicate, which featured private eye Larcen Tyler. The bland level design is fitting complimented by an awful fighting mechanic, resulting in a game no one ever need play again.

Double Take, Features

Double Take: Punisher

Marvel’s brooding vigilante, the Punisher, has been striking fear into the hearts of criminals for more than three decades. After making the rounds in arcades via a stellar Capcom beat-’em-up, Frank Castle blasted his way onto the Genesis. The port has always been a title of controversy, due to how watered down it is, but there’s a large portion of the Genesis community that loves it.