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Preview: Cyber Mission

Pscd Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new shooter in the tradition of Forgotten Worlds and Trouble Shooter, and it looks great! This should be another excellent addition to the Genesis library, and PscD has included a demo to win you over. Check it out and decide if you need yet another shmup for your console (hint: yes, you do!).

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Classic Interview: Sega of America (Sega Channel)

The Sega Channel was short lived, but there were plans to bring it to other countries. The May 1994 issue of the French game magazine, Mega Force interviewed SOA’s VP of Programming and Sega Channel Program Director Michael Shorrock and Production Manager Ray MacFadden. They discussed the new Sega Channel and their expectations for its potential.

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Classic Interview: Patrick Lavanant (Sega France)

This interview with Sega France’s General Director Patrick Lavanant covers a variety of topics, including Sega’s multiple hardware platforms, the new 32-bit generation, the Sega Channel, and even Sega VR. It’s a fascinating look into one of Sega Europe’s biggest divisions and how it viewed the game market as the 16-bit generation entered its twilight.