Author: Colton Ray

Genesis Reviews

Jeopardy! Deluxe Edition

Jeopardy! has maintained a solid presence on game consoles, with multiple editions available for the Genesis and Sega CD. Sadly, the Deluxe Edition turned out to be little more than what would today be called an expansion pack. Only the most diehard Trebek fans need apply if they need this one to go along side their original and sport editions.

Sega CD Reviews

Crime Patrol

The Sega CD has a vast library of FMV games, and while most tend to associate the machine with Digital Pictures, other companies produced titles as well. American Laser Games contributed several games, including the hilariously campy Crime Patrol. It’s goofy FMV action at its best!

Genesis Reviews

Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball

Baseball season may be over, but there are plenty of options for Genesis gamers to choose from so they can continue their quest for the pennant. ’90s baseball icon Frank Thomas lent his name to a title that was actually a pretty good version of the sport. Couch sluggers and managers should definitely give it a try.